DeBrinc Inc.


Tracy DeBrincat is president of DeBrinc Inc, a one-woman consulting agency. As a freelance consultant for the entertainment industry since the great VHS/Betamax debate, she has written copy for and/or proofread nearly every possible type of ad, packaging, or website imaginable (from video and DVD packaging to movie posters and promotional boxer shorts). She wrote and produced the official “Seinfeld” website, wrote horoscopes that recommended videos for your star sign, and designed an archive of film synopses along a wine cellar theme (how many ways can you say “bouquet?”). She has also been an account executive for various Hollywood design firms, and is familiar with the ins and outs of the client/vendor juggling act. Her extensive background and experience in print production and meeting studio deadlines, combined with a ruthless talent for organization, make her ideally suited to manage time-sensitive projects requiring creativity and accuracy.

Much to the surprise of nearly everyone she meets, Ms. DeBrincat loves living in Los Angeles.